Creative Futures
We create our future, from the inside-out.


The World Needs your ‘Creative Courage’ more than ever before.

And when I talk about Creative Courage:
I am not referring to the traditionally ‘creative arts.’
or speaking only to artists, designers, and generally right-brained people.

No. This message goes to everyone: every human that is alive and well.
Because we are all creative: whether we are bankers, healers, artists, baristas, or housewives.
All of us are constantly engaged in the creative process, either consciously or not:
the process of creation and destruction, the imagining, manifesting, breaking,
and doing of all things in and around us.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." - Einstein.


[ What is ‘Creative Courage’ ]

We all have an infinite creative potential we can tap into:
the capacity to create our reality, from the inside out.

It starts with the imagination, the unique capability we have as a species to imagine worlds, and to create alternate realities from scratch. Throughout the past thousands of years, we have built magical civilizations on Earth, seemingly out of nothing. Our built environment, technological, medical, scientific advances, art and cultural works, would not have been possible without the alchemical capacity we have to build entire worlds born of the imagination.

Creative Courage resides at the core of our being.
The trouble is we don’t always recognize the power within,
because we engage in this process much too often unconsciously.
In our day to day lives… we imagine all spectrums of possibilities regarding all areas of our lives, whether we want to or not.

We worry about the future, overthink conversations, plan out our lives, avoid failure, or taking wrong steps. We do everything that we can to keep ourselves safe from an imminent future, without realizing we are creating it all along, in this very moment and time.

We are creating our lives,
and we are creating our world,
with every thought, and emotion,
every word, and reaction,
every doing and undoing.
the creative process
starts at the core
of our being,
and it radiates out,
in ripple effects.

[ Why Now ]

We are living a unique moment in human history, as we transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian age, wherein economic uncertainty, political extremism, and information overload reign. And now, more than ever before, the world needs our creative courage.

The world needs more than ever before:
That we tap into the infinite creative potential
Available inside each one of us,
In order to drive a change
that starts from within.

This change requires that we each recognize our power,
& we acknowledge our creative capacity
To construct realities from the inside out.
It requires a holistic approach,
Where we tune into our hearts,
As much as our brains.

It requires that we
Turn off the distractions,
notifications, and buzz;
To listen deeply,
And inquire within;
To become proactive,
Instead of reactive.

Any one person can
create global change.
Our individual choices
Can affect thousands across the planet.
We can create the world we want, from the inside out.
But the change must start within.

This moment begs each one of us
to access the infinite creative potential,
to design a world that is conscious and uplifting for all, not just the few.

& The design process must start with ourselves.
It starts with the deepening of the breath,
The reconnection to the body,
The sitting and quieting down
Of emotions,
And all.

The design process starts from a place
Of stillness: the recognition of oneness
With ourselves
And the

It’s time to redefine
Our inner and outer reality
In a conscious way.

The World Needs
Your Creative Courage
More than Ever


“With our thoughts

We make the world.” - Buddha

“Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.” - Paulo Coelho

patricia echeverria