Creative Futures
We create our future, from the inside-out.


Enter the New Frontier: How to Thrive in the Creative Economy.

The times are changing,
And in order to thrive (and survive) in the new creative economy:
We must change and adapt:
But most importantly:
We must Go Inside.

Because the world is changing
More rapidly than ever before.
Our livelihoods, as we know them,
May No longer exist in a few years.
The kind of job security we may have experienced generations back
Will go.

Now, more than ever before, we are being asked to act, instead of react.
So that we may save the planet,
Protect our families and loved ones,
Thrive as individuals..
We must become Creative.

We must access that place
Of infinite creativity.
That place of infinite possibilities,
The origin of our imagination,
Our capacity to do,
To create,
And build,
(& better) realities.

is Key

We must learn to:
Take swift action.
Build Inner Resilience by
Strengthening the nervous system,
accessing the heart more than the mind,
& rewiring the brain.
Become Creative instead of Reactive,
and from this place… Generate New Possibilities.
Build Inner Resilience & Outer Resourcefulness.
Create a Clear individual and collective Vision,
from which possibilities can emerge.

But in order to access this place of Infinite Possibilities,
Where inventiveness, originality, and brilliance is born.
We must first
Quiet the Noise.
Turn off the Beep and the Distractions.
Tune in.
Find that place of inspiration,
Quieter and more subtle
Than the traffic noises,
Cell phone beeps,
And chatter outside.

This voice
Is quiet.
It requires listening.

And it’s time we tune out
To tune in
To the brilliance inside.
The brilliance needed to get us out of this mess,
Alive and well.