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"Keys to Aligning with your Soul Gifts."



Sarah Marie Thompson is a Creative Lifestyle Expert & Soul Guide that has mentored hundreds of passionate souls in finding their creative gold. Inspiring the world to create a masterpiece of their lives through passion, creativity, and intention, Sarah assists her clients in getting clear on what their most aligned journey is in order for them to build a fun profitable business out of their passions. A skilled artist, designer, energy worker and mentor, Sarah works with her clients every step of the way to identify their gifts, create their big dreams and heal emotionally as they go.

Creator of the inspirational Wild and Creative online community and brand, Sarah has developed a series of life-changing programs to assist individuals in mastering their creativity and connecting to their unique magic, so that they can magically create their most desired reality!

The 'Take Aways'

In this delightful conversation, Sarah shares with us the ways that she helps people find alignment in their life, and identify their soul’s gifts, so they can build authentic and thriving businesses, from the inside out. She tells us: “Alignment is everything. Alignment is following your happiness, but also changing your paradigm, and finding your soul’s gifts.” It’s important to align with your HELL YES.. in everything that you are offering. This, friends, is a powerful way to build a business.

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