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Michelle Rohr started her blog The Secret OWL Society after realizing that she had just lived the same year twice and that it was a mediocre year. She vowed to take 100% responsibility for her life and make every year 10x better than the last and since then her blog has grown into a full-fledged business with products, courses, and clients. Now she is helping people all over the world from her little corner on the web take 100% responsibility for their lives on an everyday basis as well.

The 'Take Aways'

In this inspiring conversation, Michelle shares about her own journey as a creative entrepreneur: how her life experiences led her to take full responsibility, and eventually compelled her to launch her own business. She talks about the ways that our personal development can have a massive impact in our ability to build, sustain, and grow a business. She says: ‘when we produce value’ and ‘serve people’ we can make any business profitable and successful. Throughout her career, Michelle has leveraged tools like Pinterest and Etsy to produce steady sources of income. In this conversation, she shares about the ways we can leverage existing platforms to grow our own online business. 

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