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"Learn to Negotiate for Epic Success."



With over 40 years of passionate engagement at all levels of the creative industry, Ted Leonhardt is known as a powerhouse of knowledge. He is a seasoned design professional with a pioneering spirit that led him to grow a distinguished branding agency from seed to sales, achieving over $10 million in annual revenue by leading global corporate clients —  including Nissan, Coke, and Microsoft —  in strategic brand re-positioning.

After negotiating a favorable sale of his business, Ted went on to become Chief Creative Officer for FITCH London, the world’s leading retail and brand consultancy, and in 2003 he was appointed President of Anthem Worldwide. But, his entrepreneurialism eventually led him to found his latest endeavor — a creative management consultancy.

 The 'Take Aways'

Do you ever get nervous and tingly when it comes to negotiating or raising your rates? If so, Ted, is here to save you from the emotional distress creatives most often suffer from when it comes to money and business. Ted is a creative business veteran, supporting creatives to grow their business. He is an expert at negotiation, business development, and everything you need to know to build and grow a successful creative business. In this interview, he shares with us top strategies to help you negotiate for higher rates, prepare for meetings effectively, (even if you are feeling nervous) so you can have more leverage in the meeting room. 

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