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"The Key to Creative Success? Focus & Be Prolific."



Alex Mathers is an illustrator and writer from the UK, currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. He's worked with clients like Dots Games, Saatchi & Saatchi, Google and the BBC. He enjoys drawing and writing on topics that help people live more confidently and creatively. He is also the founder of Red Lemon Club, an online platform that helps creatives find their genius.

The 'Take Aways'

In this inspiring interview, Alex shares about his experience building a creative business as an illustrator, creative entrepreneur, and the founder of 'Red Lemon Club.' Alex is a talented creative as well as a strategic entrepreneur who has brilliantly straddled the creative and business worlds. In this interview, he shares with us powerful insights to help you build a business that is profitable and sustainable, on the long term. He shares with us simple but powerful strategies to thrive as a creative entrepreneur: the importance of being prolific, and making a lot of work as a creative, and how to leverage the online space to build a sustainable creative career.

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