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"Finding Inspiration in the Day-to-day: How to Build a Prolific Creative Practice."



Marc Johns creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour. He’s created artwork for National Geographic, Wired Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger, Toyota, and Google among others, published three books, and hundreds of people have had his artwork tattooed. He feels very strange talking about himself in the third person.

The 'Take Aways'

Marc Johns is a whimsical and amazing artist. His art is all over the web, and it is beautiful, inspirational, and quirky. He has created a unique style and business that is distinctly Marc Johns. In this interview, Marc shares about his own journey building an art practice and business. He shares powerful strategies to help you: build a consistent and prolific practice, find inspiration every single day, carve moments throughout the day to make art, find your unique voice and style; and make a living and thriving as a creative. 

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