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CREATE YOUR FUTURE... IN A HEARTBEAT (Interview with Tyler Mongan)

Staying present, focused, and creative, in our fast-changing world can be hard... unless you stop to listen to the literal beat of your heart. When you quiet the distractions and take time to listen, you can achieve coherence, find focus, and become brilliant. From this place, Creating the Future become easy.

Today, Tyler Mongan will share the latest research in neuroscience and human physiology, and bring us simple, but powerful tools to instantly shift our physiology, so we have the capacity to innovate, and create the future we want. Tyler will help you:

  • Overcome fear of failure and ride the fear or flight response

  • Achieve body-mind-heart balance anywhere, any time. 

  • Create the future you want. 

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Tyler Mongan is the founder and lead researcher at Heart Lab. He researches the latest in neuroscience, heart-brain communication, human behavior, team dynamics, and quantum theory, and applies his discoveries to develop innovation strategies for the emerging business landscape.  

He speaks at conferences, trains start-ups, and consults fortune 500 businesses internationally on actionable innovation and human physiology science to help business leaders understand the link between physiological states, business innovation, and forecasting.

Tyler has launched seven business organizations. He is a published biochemist, has attended medical school, is a Hawaii Music Award nominated musician, an avid surfer, and is a Ph.D. candidate at Quantum University, studying physiological coherence and possible futures. 

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