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DAY 6: Laura Inserra

"The Power of Sound Within us"


Multi-instrumentalist, Composer & Sound Therapist.

Laura Inserra is a multi-instrumentalist, sound therapist, composer, teacher, and producer from Sicily. Thanks to her musical and spiritual studies with teachers and shamans from ancient and modern schools of wisdom, she has developed a unique form of healing practice called 'Harmonizing Therapy'. She applies this method in one-on-one sessions, as well as in group settings, workshops, and company retreats.
Through sacred sounds, rhythms, and melodies of ancient and modern musical instruments, she harmonizes people’s mind and tunes their body by lead them on ‘Inner Landscapes Journeys’. She also uses this ‘vibration medicine’ in collaboration with psychologists, life-coaches, scientists, and shamans.

The 'Take Aways'

Sound (and music) has the power to affect us emotionally, it can heal, and effect a tremendous impact in our lives. We are made up of emotions, and therefore sound. Sound forms an integral part of our being, and connection to ourselves. In this inspiring and poetic interview, Laura shares with us the ways that sound can help us to return to ourselves, our expression, and tap into our creative potential. She shares strategies to help us heal, and ground, through the power of sound. 

On the road ... ? Then listen up! 

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