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Past Projects

Digital Strategy for Mexican Pharmacy


We worked with San Pablo, one of Mexico’s largest retail pharmacy chain to develop a digital strategy and e-commerce experience that could seamlessly provide services across different touch points.


How to create a seamless experience across different channels: online, in store, and on the phone? How to design a plan for existing pain points; while simultaneously designing for future interactions?


Conducted user interviews to better understand the consumer experience, as well as a competitive analysis of other pharmacies in Mexico City. Defined personas based on existing segments, and subsequently designed user journeys for each persona. Developed a multi-channel engagement plan with online and offline touch points, across personas. We designed to solve for current challenges and pain points in our MVP design, and also designed for a five-year ‘future state’ vision, based on insights gathered from user groups.


Designed and built the e-commerce experience (including a new responsive web and mobile site) to integrate seamlessly with all touch points, on and offline. As a team, we refined the company’s branding and communications to produce an updated brand that could appeal to a larger audience, and produced two designs: the MVP version which was immediately built, as well as the long-term version, or five-year build out plan.


Work produced inside Booz Digital with designer William Cheng, as well as a larger team of business strategists, and technologists to produce the engagement recommendations, as well as the build-out of the new website. The current website is here.