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Past Projects

Concept Testing for a Bartering Platform


Formed part of an experimental UX team to test out the concept for ‘Tradeya’ an early stage startup. The key question we had to experiment with was: “Are people willing to trade goods online?” The objective was to understand how to develop a bartering platform that was user-friendly and could effectively satisfy people’s inherent needs/ desires to trade physical goods: a kind of Craigslist for bartering.


The main challenge we had to address early on was the complexity of the platform itself as well as the low volume of existing users, with which there were not enough items to trade in for. As a design team, we became involved in the bartering process itself, as a way to better understand the platform, and as a way to increase interest and engagement with the existing users. We also massively simplified the user interface, so as to present users only with the most essential information with which to engage them.


How do we satisfy people’s inherent need/ desire to trade goods in a way that feels seamless and user-friendly? How to bring people into the platform?


We conducted in-person interviews with people as a way to better understand people’s needs and desires in the bartering space. Once we understood the opportunities and challenges available in a bartering platform, we developed a design that was simple enough to engage users, without overwhelming them. For instance we realized it was more effective to highlight a few key items on the site, rather than presenting users with all possible products, or even presenting them with a complex filter/ search system. From this learning, we highlighted a different ‘Staff Pick’ (and we specifically chose high value items) on a daily basis, as a way to understand what people were willing to trade in for, and what higher value transactions might look like.


Overall, we were able to simplify the user experience on the site, while increasing user engagement and acquisition, which subsequently led to a round of investment for the company.

[ Work was completed under supervision of Jaime Levy, owner of JLR Interactive. ]