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The times are indeed changing, and to thrive... we must adapt. We must approach our life, career, and the world with open minds and hearts, with a dose of imagination, resilience, and a fierce commitment to our truth. 

Today, I introduce you to three powerful women who are redefining the paradigm of business success. They have overcome challenges to build a life and career that is authentic and beautiful. These three powerful leaders show us what creative success can look like in the new frontier. 

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DAY 2: Step out of your Comfort Zone.

In order to live the life… we are truly meant to live.. we must get uncomfortable first. We must get out of all of that which we are used to.. expand our comfort zone, take risks in the direction of our dreams, in the direction of the unknown, and in the direction of all that which is new. 

Today, we speak with creative business leaders who share with us powerful strategies to get out of the comfort zone, and into our zone of genius. 

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