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Testimonial Stories

How Lyla created a sustainable career she loves: making more money & more art.



Lyla was a full time designer at an agency. 
When we started working together,
she was feeling uninspired and burnt out

In just a few months.. She created her dream life,
professionally, personally, and creatively.


"I felt a lot of fear and I didn’t feel like I could make clear decisions. At this point, I knew that didn’t want to make decisions from a place of fear. 

I think it had all piled up because I had been acting out of fear.
I signed up for the coaching because I didn’t want to make decisions from a place of fear anymore.”

[ Through the coaching experience: ]

She worked with her inner critic and little girl, 
releasing blocks and limitations from the past, 
stepping into the fullest,
and most creative version of herself. 

[ The Results. ]

She left her full time job to become a freelance designer. 
From there, she started to make decisions from a place of love,
and not fear: She created a sustainable career that she loves,
making great money, and working less hours
feeling inspired and happy:
making more art,
& more money,
 every week. 

I am pretty much already living and working in the exact way that I wanted for my 10 year goal. Here is this big dream I had, and I have already accomplished a big portion of it, so imagine what I can do in the next 9 years, if each time I just keep letting myself step into something bigger and bigger... ?

This goal I had for myself (which seemed really far away,) really caught up with me, or I really caught up with it, because I was willing to take the first steps with the coaching, and suddenly I was there, and I didn’t even realize it... !"



Lyla is a super talented artist and creative. You can find more of her work here. 





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