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Experiencing fears and moving through them toward our end goal.



Jasmine is a digital marketer turned Life Architect. Throughout our work together, she built the foundation for her new career as a mindfulness leader, and coach.

Throughout our work together…

We helped her overcome the fears, and limitations that were holding her back. She built the courage, strength, and resilience to put herself out there in more powerful ways, she began to speak up louder than ever before, and built a new audience, and platform for her work.

During the coaching sessions, I was able to tap into my inner knowing. My passion came alive. The most important piece of it all was going inward into myself and knowing my values, and knowing what matters to me.

& Today:

Jasmine teaches meditation throughout the Los Angeles area. She is the founder of Elovate, a company that brings mindfulness to companies worldwide.

In the past, the resistance would just paralyze me, and not allow me to move forward. Now, I’m able to see the vision more clearly and have an anchor, and say: this is where I’m going to go; and even though there’s fear, now I know how to navigate toward that end goal.


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