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How Jessie G. beat perfectionism & built a career as a stylist.


Jessie was an art director, who wanted to step more powerfully into her creative expression. 
She was looking to experience more inspiration, creativity, and freedom, in her day to day life. 

Throughout our work together, she clarified her next career move, and successfully found her voice, and power, within a whole new creative space. She built a new career for herself as a stylist, without prior experience, connections, or know-how. 

Throughout our work together, we helped her overcome perfectionism, doubt, and inner blocks, so she could build her confidence.

[ As a result of the inner work...] 

She took courageous action steps, contacting her creative heroes, and dream clients.

Over the course of a few months, she built the solid foundation for a whole new career in the styling space.  She started working working alongside her favorite stylists, and the most dreamy clients, she could have hoped for. 



Jessie is a super talented creative stylist and art director. You can find more of her work here. 

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