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The Founder

The Founder

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My name is Patricia Echeverria. I am a trained designer and psychologist, and I have built Creative Futures to help you access your creative power. I believe we all have an infinite creative potential, the capacity to imagine alternative realities, to connect with one another, to experience empathy, and compassion; so that we can find innovative solutions to our world's greatest challenges, through a human-centered approach, starting from within.  

For the past seven years, I have been working at the intersection of design and psychology: working on a number of 'design for social impact' projects, always fascinated by this question: How can we make the greatest positive impact in the world, through our day-to-day lives ? I have worked on a myriad of social impact projects which took me to diverse places around the world. I collaborated with fantastic organizations like the DMZ Forum, TED Prize, World Economic Forum, LAUSD, Wheels for Humanity, and so many more.
This was my biggest take away from it all:

If we want to make an impact in the world, we have to start inside first.

Creative Futures was born to equip people with the holistic tools, resources, and stories they need to access the creative potential inside, through a body-mind-spirit approach. This platform was created to help people disconnect from technology, and reconnect with their values, disconnect from the chaos of the mind, and reconnect with the truth of their heart... all of this so we can ultimately make the greatest impact in the world, in the most innovative and powerful ways possible.

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